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Newsletter 03/2009

Dear Madam, dear Sir,
dear friends of ADEVA!

it is one of the only four existing illustrated manuscripts of the famous and important German lawbook – and because of its age highly associated with the original text by Eike von Repgow. Allthough only a fragment its miniatures of medieval life are fascinating:

The Heidelberg Mirror of Saxony
An Opulent Epinal Print from Everyday Life of the Middle Ages

This phantastic codex will now be facsimiliated by ADEVA as the last of the four remaining illuminated manuscripts of the Mirror of Saxony. 30 folios in a format of 30 x 23,5 cm present 337 illuminations illustrating the text.

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Now in subscription!

You are now able to acquire this edition with the advantageous
pre-subscription price
(valid until June 30, 2009) for EUR 1.990,– only; the subscription price, valid untill the edition is completely available (in spring 2010) will be EUR 2.490,–.

Please do not hesitate to order your personal copy, the edition is strictly limited to 580 copies worldwide.

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Heidelberg Mirror of Saxony, fol. 9r concerning Landrecht II 56-58.
Instructions concerning land and waters, fees an heritage as well as maturities for taxes


Request today, without obligation, the documentation with two original Fine Art Facsimile leaves and a richly illustrated informational brochure – as usual by ordering the Fine Art Facsimile Edition, the documentation is for free.


Yours sincerely

Alexander Wilhelm
Director Sales & Marketing

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