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Newsletter 04/2009

Dear Madam, dear Sir,
dear friends of ADEVA!

Presenting one of the most important works which captivates one not only with its overwhelming number of miniatures but also with its unique atmospheric perspective:

The Da Costa Hours
121 brilliant miniatures by Simon Bening

79 full-page miniatures, along with 42 smaller miniatures and innumerable golden and multi-coloured initials throughout the text make the Da Costa Hours (in format 17 x 12.5 cm), a one-of-a-kind codex which we would like to offer you today in two editions.





Now in subscription!

The Luxury Edition, limited worldwide to only 99 copies presents the manuscript in true to original quality with original border cuttings. Perfectly reproduced ornate silver clasps adorn the cover of the edition, which is made out of the finest green-coloured velour leather.
The edition is encased in a true to original reproduced book casket made out of red leather and decorated with enriched gold embossing. We offer you today the advantageous pre-subscription price of 9,980 €, a savings of 2,000 € compared to the subscription price!

The Leather Edition which is strictly limited to only 381 copies worldwide is protected by an all leather green velour cover and perfectly represents the manuscript with all the miniatures and flowered pages of text from the great masters.
The leather edition is available to you for the pre-subscription price of 6,980 € – here also a savings for you of 1,500 € compared with the subscription price. Don’t hesitate and order your personal copy of a one-of-a-kind manuscript today!


Da Costa Hours, fol. 151v: Birth of Christ.


Request today, without obligation, the documentation with three original Fine Art Facsimile leaves and a richly illustrated informational brochure – as usual by ordering the Fine Art Facsimile Edition, the documentation is for free.


Yours sincerely

Alexander Wilhelm
Director Sales & Marketing

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